Have you found some success but feel like you’re meant for more than the life you’re living?

It’s time to stop endlessly chasing the life of your dreams

And finally start living the life you deserve

Show Me How To Create THAT Life!

Align to your highest  self to create next level fulfillment in your health, wealth, and happiness.

I doubled my income within the first 6 months of working with Cheryl, and now I'm on track to make 4 times my last year's annual income.

"Before working with Cheryl, I had the idea that if you want to succeed in life, you need to work harder, stay disciplined, and hustle. I immersed myself in work, and glamorized my workaholic identity. After working with Cheryl privately and then joining TIR, my whole belief system was changed, so did my life. …

I started moving through my days with ease, achieving more and dreaming bigger. I doubled my income within the first 6 months of working with Cheryl, and now on track to make 4 times of my last year's annual income. The best part is that I feel better and happier. I now apply what I learned in my sessions to my team, and inspire them to do the same. We are stronger and more capable than ever." 

- Amelie Kang, New York, NY, Co-Founder of Ma’La’ Project, Restauranteur, Forbes 30 Under 30

Your life's purpose is waiting for you...

Are you standing in your own way?

I know you look like you “have it all together,”

but do you ever feel like you’re meant for more?

You know you’re capable of something greater than you’ve already achieved, but it always feels just out of reach...

You have big goals and even bigger dreams, but you can’t seem to take the next steps to get there - let alone get any momentum...

And you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of talking circles around the same dreams, without ever reaching them.

Feeling like you’re eternally


While your life is just passing you by...

The shift in my life started immediately after I began my sessions with Cheryl...and I am beyond thrilled with the results we've achieved

"This program helped me understand my mind and how to overcome the limiting beliefs that had been governing a negative self-image. Our 1-on-1 work sessions focused on dreaming up and then achieving a long list of audacious goals and growing into the person I needed to be to actually achieve those goals.

Cheryl understands me so well now, and regularly sends me books, meditations and other materials tailored to me. Our sessions inspire me to live my best life and give me tools customized to the way my mind works, which allow me and my business to continue to flourish and reach new heights.

Some of Cheryl’s methods/teachings may seem esoteric if you are not willing to explore a new way of thinking, but if you approach the work with an open mind and a positive attitude she can certainly help guide you on the journey of a life-time!

Cheryl has become a mentor and my biggest cheerleader, I’m very grateful to have her in my life and I am beyond thrilled with the results we’ve achieved together over the last three years. I look forward to continued personal and professional growth working with the amazing: Cheryl Keates."

- Raj Ramnouth, Toronto/New York/Los Angeles, Founder, Award Winning Editor, Nimiopere Film Editorial

But this isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning...

It's time tolet go of your "Small Life" self-image.

Just imagine...

  • Setting your sights on a clear and vivid vision of your future so real that you can taste it, knowing it’s not just a dream - but an inevitable reality.
  • Freeing yourself from the burdens and pressures you place on yourself, fully trusting that you’re capable of anything - and knowing exactly how to make it happen.
  • Taking bold and consistent action, confident in your ability to get what you want from life - while operating with an air of certainty that is contagious and inspiring.

What if you could create the BIGlife you really desire…

without anything standing in your way?

If you are willing to put the work in and have an open mind, I would 100% recommend Cheryl to help you build the life you want!

"She has helped my wife and I (who own a business together) tremendously. We needed someone who had experience with couples and could refocus multiple areas of our life to help our business and marriage thrive…

We went from considering divorce to a loving and respectful marriage that honestly we cant be more excited about for what it will grow into. We are much better business owners and successfully tripled our sales and profits in 2022.

We both had tried multiple coaches each before Cheryl, read which seemed like every book, taken every course, or tried every method we could but the things Cheryl worked with us on were meant to fix the problem, not push through it or overcome it. These issues had been causing us problems as a couple and as business owners for years.

On the outside we were successful and a nice couple, but in reality we were unhappy with our personal lives, the amount we had to work, and the profit margins we were hitting year after year… many of the negative results we were getting changed without any effort directly applied to them and those that needed effort were much easier to change! If you are willing to put the work in and have an open mind, I would 100% recommend Cheryl to help you build the life you want!" 

- Ryan Ryskamp and Jessica Connolly, Washington, D.C., Founder & CEO of Social Supply Design

Hi, I'm Cheryl!

For over 20 years I have been dedicated to supporting my clients in creating lives full of health, wealth and happiness by upgrading their beliefs and actions to achieve remarkable results.

I understand this deep desire for a more fulfilling life, because I’ve been there too.

Years ago, I was stuck. From the outside in, I looked like someone who had already found success, but I wanted more in my 6-figure coaching business - and in my life.

And yet, no matter what I tried to grow, I was caught in the same paradigms and limiting beliefs that many of my clients come to me in:

  • Not setting my sights on goals that would truly grow and expand my potential...
  • Not able to think beyond my limiting beliefs about what was possible in my business - and who I could be to get there...
  • And not living into the highest version of myself daily, as a practice, to take the steps to get there...

And then I had a breakthrough, transforming my life by finally cultivating a vision of what I truly wanted that allowed me to break free of my limiting beliefs and act in alignment with the life I knew I deserved.

Soon I had tripled my revenue and unlocked a whole new consciousness that unleashed endless opportunities - and tangible results.

And turned the foundations of what I learned into principles that my clients have been able to learn, integrate, and repeat to create long-lasting transformations in their lives.

Today, the Living My BIGlife blueprint is the secret to my success.

I would highly recommend her if you want results...

"Cheryl has the experience, knowledge and compassion to create positive changes in your life. I would highly recommend her if you want results in your life."

- Rita Kinzer, Blaine Washington, 

International Artist, Energy Healer

...I have made leaps and bounds in my career.

"Cheryl is an excellent communicator and enthusiastic coach. She focuses not just on encouragement but on the tangible steps I must take to reach my goals…

Through her direct coaching, I have made leaps and bounds in my career. The tools she has given me are not just for my professional life but work for my life as a whole giving me the accessibility and courage to live the life I want, as opposed to the life I think I have to.

With Cheryl as my coach, I am constantly finding new ways to balance work and life, while also building my career, enjoying new projects, and focusing on the things that will help me become the professional I want to be."

- Douglas Weissman, Los Angeles, CA, Author, Screenplay Writer, Travel Writer

Cheryl's approach and insights challenged me to shift my outlook and overcome barriers that were holding me back.

"Cheryl is an outstanding professional coach. I had the opportunity to work with her for over a year and the experience transformed my approach to team management….Cheryl's approach and insights challenged me to shift my outlook and overcome barriers that were holding me back.

Highly recommend Cheryl and the Thinking into Results program to anyone looking to take their career to the next level."

- Chris Cowperthwaite, Toronto, Canada, Digital Practice Lead at Navigator

My only regret is not finding Cheryl sooner.

"Cheryl Keates is the most empathetic, patient, caring, and skilled coach that I have ever worked with. It is clear that she has invested in continued mastery of her craft. As a coach myself, I honor and appreciate that. She creates a safe space where you can truly release, and be given the proper amount of loving push-back to move forward toward your more clearly defined goals. I am not even halfway through our original package and know that I want to re-up. My only regret is not finding her sooner."

- Rachel Boehm, Alexandria, VA, Yes You Founder and Coach

Now, it’s your turn to create what your heart desires.

You’re invited to claim your purpose in...

A cutting edge, 6-month group program for high achieving and driven professionals and entrepreneurs ready for transformational breakthrough by blending best practices with intuitive coaching to create long-lasting personal and professional impacts by leveraging the Living My BIGlife blueprint.

It’s time to embody your highest self, generate the income and freedom you deserve, and create a life of fulfillment and purpose.

I’m Ready To Start Living My BIGlife NOW

With the Living My BIGlife Live Course it’s possible for you to...

  • Transform your entire belief system from limiting beliefs to possibility consciousness, so any goal becomes not just possible - but your reality.
  • Transcend the anger, frustration, and overwhelm that’s been haunting you and keeping you small, so you can step into the self acceptance and self actualization you’ve been searching for.
  • Generate the income and build the wealth you need to create your own economy, so you can have the freedom to work when you want, how you want, and where you want.
  • Quantum leap your personal growth, rather than relying on baby steps, so you can finally become the person you want to be to create the life you desire.

This isn’t like other “personal development” programs.

When you join, you’ll learn how to create profound, transformational results using the Living My BIGlife blueprint:

I’ll show you how to unlock and create the life of you really want through these 3 components:

See Bigger

When you struggle to fully allow yourself to dream big and imagine the life you want, it’s hard to know your North Star. This is why you feel like you’re constantly repeating the same steps, hitting the same wall over and over again, and always feel one step behind the game.

In the Living My BIGlife Live Course you’ll learn to see bigger and...

  • Create a vivid vision of your future to design a vibrant goal worthy of you by unlocking the full power of your imagination.
  • Start making decisions with ease as you collapse time, and without the overwhelm, paralysis, or self-sabotage of constantly second-guessing yourself and wondering if you’re on the right track.
  • Quantum leap your goals by closing the gap between knowing what you want - and making it happen, the key to achieving huge success in half the time.

Think Bigger

Stuck in old ways of thinking and limiting self-beliefs that have slowly built up over time? Shed the mindset that making more money requires more hard work. Banish other people’s voices in your head, telling you that you have to “be even smarter, work even harder, and do even more” to get to your next level of success.

Now is the time to stop holding yourself back so you can start realizing you are the kind of person who is worthy of the life you really want so you can start taking actions that align with that reality.

In the Living My BIGlife Live Course you’ll learn to think bigger and...

  • Break free from the limiting beliefs and behaviors that have kept you trapped in your own glass ceiling, so you can live into your full potential and unleash your true self.
  • Recognize and transform negative thoughts by developing the mental capacities of unwavering belief, faith, and self-confidence - no matter what life throws at you.
  • Uncover your true potential and develop a self-image that aligns with your highest self in order to overcome any fear, self-doubt, or limiting belief.

Live Bigger

When you struggle to live big enough, you struggle to stay committed to your dreams because you keep getting in your own way, bumping up against the same patterns that are holding you back without ever following through on your dreams.

In the Living My BIGlife Live Course you’ll learn to live bigger and...

  • Embody the best version of yourself so you can start showing up and tapping into your high-vibe and high-value network of referrals to make success easy - and fun.
  • Take consistent action as your highest self so you can get out of your own way and start following through on your goals, instead of overthinking every move.
  • Release your fear and commitment to the struggle so you can finally aim bigger, play bigger, and live bigger - confidently creating the life you desire.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Here’s Everything the Living My BIGlife Course Includes:

Lifetime Access

To access to your private hub with the tools, resources & workbooks.

24 Live Weekly Group Sessions

To dive deep into the Living My BIGlife blueprint weekly

24 Live Weekly Office Hours

For Q & A to overcome any potential blocks

Private FB Group & App

For additional support, resources, and access

VIP Client Events

Exclusive invitations to private events just for you.

Community Support

A powerful network of other driven, high-vibe people

PLUS, I’m also including these BONUS resources:


Master Your Money Mindset

Start attracting (and asking for) the money you deserve.


Sell with Ease 
and Flow

Learn the art of sales to close lucrative deals without skipping a beat.


Power Up Your Productivity

Do more in less time and put freedom back in your life.


Work In Harmony With Universal Laws

Leverage the natural way of things to create what you want, the easy way.

You can’t afford for life to pass by while you miss out on your BIGlife.

Weekly LIVE Calls with Cheryl $27,000 Value
Resource Hub of Materials $5,000 Value
BIGlife Facilitation Lessons $2,000 Value
VIP Client-Only Events $2,000 Value
High-Vibe Community Network $6,000 Value
BONUS: Master Your Money Mindset $333 Value
BONUS: Sell with Ease & Flow $333 Value
BONUS: Power Up Your Productivity $333 Value
BONUS: Work In Harmony With Universal Laws $333 Value

Total Value: $43,332

Quantum Leaping to the Life You Desire: Priceless

Best Value

$9999 USD

One time payment

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$1999 USD 

6 monthly payments

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Your success in this program is directly related to and dependent on the work you put in.

I can guarantee that as your coach and guide, I’m here to support you and see your highest potential - even when you're struggling to.

Together, we can do great things.

Cheryl made me believe that I could accomplish things that I didn't think I could accomplish before

"During the time that I've worked with Cheryl my business income has tripled and that's something that I really wanted to work on with her. While increasing my income was my priority going into the coaching engagement, more importantly, Cheryl made me believe that I could accomplish things that I didn't think I could accomplish before. Since we've been working together, I notice that I'm not second guessing myself anymore, I'm not as stressed, and I'm not as overwhelmed because of the tools that she has taught me.

If you're in a place where you're stuck or you just don't believe something is possible for you, Cheryl will help you accomplish the breakthrough that you need and desire. She cares about you and the results that you get and she'll definitely hold you accountable.

I'm quite happy to recommend dealing with Cheryl because I've gotten great results from working with her."

- Kent Dinning, Aurora, Canada, Business Coach & Consultant

I'm happier than I have ever been...My results continue to climb and my goals continue to grow exponentially.

"Before I met Cheryl I kept getting in my own way. I knew what I wanted and I felt like I knew how to get there but for some reason unknown to me I just wouldn't do it.

My life has changed so much. I'm happier than I have ever been. Cheryl and her group coaching helped me close the gap between knowing and doing. My results continue to climb and my goals continue to grow exponentially.

Highly recommend the BIGLife coaching program to anyone and everyone who wants to increase the value of their lives."

- Jennifer O'Neal, Toronto, Canada, CPA Firm and Quality Management Advisor, CPA

Cheryl has helped me to tap into more of my potential and achieve results that I thought I was years away from getting.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Cheryl as my personal coach and I couldn't be more grateful for the guidance and support she has provided me. Through her expert knowledge, understanding of human behavior, and empathy, Cheryl has helped me to tap into more of my potential and achieve results that I thought I was years away from getting. With her help, I've been able to set and achieve big goals, overcome obstacles along the way, and improve my overall well-being. I highly recommend Cheryl to anyone looking to achieve more in their personal or professional life."

- Josh Calderon, Toronto, Canada, Founder and Principal Lawyer, Grit + Co Law, M&A/Corporate/Tech

I have successfully launched my business...and I have the drive and motivation to accomplish big things...

"Working with Cheryl has been life-changing. Cheryl is an excellent Coach and mentor. In a short period of time, I have successfully launched my business, created a website that I am proud of and I have the drive and motivation to accomplish big things in 2022!

Cheryl effectively has propelled me forward in every area of my life...I struggled to hold a big vision for my life and working with Cheryl my vision is getting bigger every day...

Her dedication and commitment to her client’s results are by far the best I've experienced thus far. If you are looking for results and world-class support to accomplish your goals, I highly recommend Cheryl." 

- Sumeet Ahuja, Milton, Canada, Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach

This program is truly life-changing

"Joining this program and getting on this journey was probably one of the best decisions I made in recent times. At a time when I felt stuck, weighed down, feeling underwhelmed and disappointed in my current station in life, joining this program is the best thing that happened to me. Meeting and speaking with Cheryl and learning about this program and, more importantly, about myself is what was needed for me to understand where I need to be and what I need to do in order to get there. This program offered me the opportunity to not only come across and meet with very like-minded individuals and learn about their journey but also gave me the opportunity to bring to the core what I want in life and how I intend to design that life where I can maximize my potential and also give back to others as well. This program is truly life-changing when you put the work and dedication in. This is just the beginning, and I look forward to making bigger strides."

- Hetal Kara, Richmond Hill, Canada, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Philanthropist, Real Estate Investor

After 4 months I have experienced major changes in my life and business - I have lost weight, improved my relationships, moved into my dream house on the ocean and increased my revenue.

"I started coaching with Cheryl in her BIGlife program in October, 2022. I knew that I would get something out of it, but I did not know just how much or how quickly I would see changes in myself. After 4 months I have experienced major changes in my life and business - I have lost weight, improved my relationships, moved into my dream house on the ocean and increased my revenue. I highly recommend Cheryl for anyone, ANYONE, no matter where you are in your mindset, no matter how you feel about yourself, you will only improve with Cheryl on your team!!! Thank you Cheryl, I can't wait to see what next year brings!"

- Rhondi Kablak, Vancouver, Canada, Real Estate Investor, Director of Project Management

Ready for that promotion and raise?

it's waiting.

Yearning to start your business or finally hit that next milestone?

let's do it.

Striving for better relationships?

they're ready.

The only thing standing between you and the life you want to be living - is you.

Your Time Is Now.

Whatever has been holding you back is ready to be released. The only limitations you put on yourself are in your mind.

And now the option is yours:

You can continue to struggle, feel lost and stuck in your life, frustrated that you’re not where you want to be, looking back in 6 months wondering “what if I had taken the leap”...

Or you can finally learn the skills and get the support to quantum leap into the life you desire RIGHT NOW - and make it last.

It’s time to think bigger, see bigger, and live bigger.

Your BIGlife is waiting.

What are you waiting for?

Claim Your BIGlife HERE

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